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About Me

Since a young age music has been a big passion for me, along with dancing. It has been a big part of my life with my mum being in a band and singing and even sitting with my grandad and grandma listening to records and watching classic musicals such as Singing in the rain! 


My first song I performed with my mum was 'Tomorrow' from Annie. My love of musicals never stopped. As I grew older I joined choirs learning harmonies and how to work as a group, performing in big musicals such as We Will Rock You, Hairspray and more and singing throughout my school life. In 2012 I moved to London with my now husband to study at Italia Conti where I was awarded a full scholarship to study performing arts. 


My love of vintage music has always been there from the old Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe musicals but for me I started performing them professionally around 4 years ago. I started performing on my own at vintage fairs, 40s events, weddings and more and I haven't looked back. Jazz and swing music really speaks to me, I am able to completely connect with the song and this shows in my performance. I have been able to make a career out of something I have such a passion for and have been lucky enough to have performed at some incredible venues and have met some amazing people. 


I have a beautiful daughter who is now 2, she is as crazy as me! She adores music, dancing and she will even steal the microphone off me! I have an extremely supportive husband Rick who often drives me the length of the country so I can perform for a wide variety of events, without his support I wouldn't be here now. 

Anyway, enough about me! See you all soon <3