• Sarah Mai

How are you coping during the Covid-19?

How is everyone doing during this time?

I feel that everyone has had their world turned upside down. It is easy to get stuck in a negative rut, but so important to see the positives.

You can work from home! You spend more time with the family!

You get more efficient with food shops and conservative with how much you are spending!

You can organise/clean the whole house!

You can spend time of things that have been neglected! You exercise and get fit! What I am trying to say, there is so many things that we can do during this time. Try to keep a positive mind set and we can get through this together! Personally I am using this time to learn Guitar, lose a bit of weight and enhance my business and what I can offer to people. I am live-streaming every Friday night 8pm and Sunday afternoon 4pm. I am expanding on what I offer for weddings and looking at more work for the band <3 My husband is learning new skills in Photography and is taking some great shots of me ( @RickAlanPhotography) Stay at home, stay safe, save lives <3 <3 <3

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