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The Big Jive All Dayer - Worthing

Saturday 29th Feb myself and my band were playing at The Big Jive All Dayer in worthing. Doors opened, the crowds came rushing in. We set to the stage for what was to be an energetic gig.

I was proud to be on that stage with my own band, playing the music that I adore beyond words. We invited Alex Douglas to join us to play harmonica which was amazing. Jim Knowler joined us with his crazy guitar skills, Serena Sykes being the bass pixie she is rocked it on a number, Ken Smith and Rob ........ joined us for the last number which was jumping. We had people dancing all set which was a dream come true. The energy of the band was just incredible, we came off that stage buzzing. I honestly am so lucky to be able to call this my job. Thankyou to the Jive Aces for having us on that stage and for their continued support!

With various bands throughout the day including Stevie and the Shakedown, followed by The Hadacol Hotshots with special guests Lew Lewis and Sharna-Mae and onto the Jive Aces who were hosting this great event. The floor was packed with shopping galore!

The final spot was the goddess of a woman that is, Gina Hayley. She is the daughter of Bill Hayley but she brings such a different tone. She has influences from Gospel and Blues and oh my goodness can she sing. Powerhouse vocals with some serious punch! One of the songs for me that really stood out was "I've got a feeling - Big Maybelle" Gina really brought this song to life. It was a pleasure to be on the same event as this woman. Keep an eye out for her upcoming album!

Keep an eye out for our next events!

photos courtesy of Graham Lawrence

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