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"Sarah Mai is a brilliant songstress who takes those classics (and some lesser-known songs) and turns them into her own songs, with her personality, energy, and a healthy dose of soul."


- The Rockabilly Chronicle -

Sarah Mai is a Rhythm N Blues singer that performs for a variety of events. Starting off performing 1940s she soon developed a taste for the roots of the music. Exploring artists from all over the world, Blues, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and more. She has blended everything she has learnt together for her very unique sound. 

She has become an artist sought after all over the world. She is being played on USA radio, Australian and currently working on a new album. She is one to watch for sure! 

With her powerhouse vocal, her bands high energy and extreme skill you will be dancing the night away. Sarah has performed at some of the best venues throughout the UK including at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, The 100 Club and huge festivals such as Twinwood Festival, Main Stage. 

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